Children Prepared Better For School With The ‘School Ready’ Program

Children Prepared Better For School With The ‘School Ready’ Program

Children Prepared Better For School With The ‘School Ready’ Program

Local schools tell us that many children that attend pre-school education in Gympie are not fully prepared to make a successful transition into primary school. Up to 60% of children attending some schools attend no pre-school education at all. This can lead to children being left behind, lacking in confidence and frustration for the affected children and families.

As a parent you want the best for your children. When your little ones grow up and take their first steps into the big world of primary school we want it to be an enjoyable and successful experience. Sadly that is not the case for many children.

When I was a child, which was many years ago I was fortunate enough to attend a pre-school program. I got to develop friendships with others in my class and then transition with some of those friends into primary school. My own personal transition was smooth in some areas and quite difficult and overwhelming in others. Thankfully I learned from this and my own children’s transition was much smoother and successful.

To fulfill this need Parkside Early Learning Centre has developed the ‘School Ready‘ program. The ‘School Ready’ program has been designed to 1, attract more children into pre-school education and 2, prepare those children better to make a successful transition into school and give them an advantage in the classroom.

The key to our ‘School Ready’ program is individually developed Learning Paths. Every child is unique. Their Learning Path must also be unique and specifically developed for each individual child. The Learning Path starts when they begin at Parkside (at all ages) and then goes through all their pre-school education through to a smooth transition into primary school.

There are generally 3 reasons why children do not enter pre-school education.

  1. Accessibility. In many regional or remote areas there is simply no pre-school options available for them.
  2. Value. Some families simply don’t see the value in child care. “Why should I send my children into child care when I can do that just as good if not better at home?”
  3. Cost. The cost of child care can be the blocker to stop families putting their children into care.


When I grew up in a small town in New Zealand there wasn’t a lot of extra money at the end of each week so we really got to appreciate when we did receive things. It made us always try to get the best value for money on purchases and try to save money where we could. Like many other parents we need to be sure we are getting good value out of any service we pay for.

At Parkside we want our families to see the value we offer their children and families. By having children enroll and go through our unique “School Ready” program you can relax and know that your children will be the best prepared they can possibly be for school.

Parents can feel good knowing that they are giving their children the best start in life by attending the Parkside ‘School Ready’ program.

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(Parkside Early Learning Centre is a small owner operated Child Care Centre and Kindergarten established in 2015 located in central Gympie)

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