Bush Kindy

Parkside Early Learning Centre is conveniently located right next to Andrew Fisher Park in Gympie. Our children can enjoy the outlook into beautiful greenery all year round. As a centre we wanted to go a step further and make more use of this park. All our children have parent permission to go exploring in the park, have picnics or have scavenger hunts for natural resources. Educators plan outings regularly to promote engagement with nature and child-led play.

This is how our Bush Kindy Program began! Bush Kindy first began in Scandinavia and then through Europe although it is called Forest Kindy. Forest Kindy is where childcare centres promoted the learning in forest landscapes. Lots of research has been done about the benefits of learning in nature and it has shown to promote emotional development and stability, it supports cultural connections and play-based learning, as well as stimulates creativity in children (and adults!).

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Our Pre-prey/Kindergarten does regular Bush Kindy sessions on Friday. Hardly any resources are taken and play is inspired by the children’s interests, what nature provides or a theme continued from the last session.

Part of the Bush Kindy Program is risk taking. Being in an unstructured environment brings forth some risks but also valuable learning opportunities. This teaches children to respond positively to challenges. Although the sessions are child-led, teachers and educators still plan for various situations, including risky play like tree climbing, and get actively involved supporting children in their learning and exploration of the natural environment.

After running the Bush Kindy program successfully for a year for our Pre-prep/Kindergarten children we have widened the program to all age groups. Now all our Parkside Children get to enjoy Bush Kindy.

At Parkside we believe children exploring the bush and parkland will benefit hugely in the long term making them more confident, resilient, creative and respectful of our natural environment.

Why don’t you come and join us for Bush Kindy at Parkside – just give us a call on 07-54827738 or contact us online here.