Parkside Nursery

Parkside Nursery now boasts the lowest teacher to child ratio in Australia for children under 2 years old. We’re so proud to offer this unparalleled quality of service.

Our Nursery is for ages 6 weeks to 15 months. Those first few months of a child’s life are precious! The base for this at Parkside are nurturing relationships between the baby and the educator. We also have low ratios of 4 babies to 1 educator and a maximum of 8 babies in any one day to keep it small.35389733_2092724601016188_4764958656598900736_n

Babies use all five senses to begin exploring the world around them. Our educators provide a safe environment with lots of sensory input through music and singing, gentle touch, challenge back strength through tummy time and support when learning to roll, crawl, stand and walk.

It is vital that educators also build strong relationships with the babies parents or carers to provide a fluid care environment between the home and the service.

Owner Andrew Riley says “We want to offer our Parkside Families education and care for the entire family. Most day cares in Gympie take the children from a much older age. That is not convenient for busy families and Parkside Nursery and Early Learning Centre provides that solution”

For the convenience of our families Parkside Nursery also provides all meals which are nutritious and very tasty. We provide for all allergies and intolerances. Nappies and wipes are also included for even more added value for our families.

The babies in Parkside Nursery also get to enjoy the Parklands that surround the Centre just like the older children do. By means of a quad buggy that gets them safely out to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

Toddler Buggy

Call Parkside Nursery today on 07 5482 7738 or book your tour online to organise a visit to see the Nursery for yourself and meet the Parkside Team.