School Ready Program

“Choosing Parkside will give your child an advantage at primary school”

The Parkside ‘School Ready’ Program enables our children to develop their skills in key learning areas such as literacy, numeracy and self-help skills. By developing these skills, we assist each individual child’s short and long term success at school. It is also a crucial stage to build positive relationships with each child as this is essential in developing their self-esteem which will assist each child to make effective transitions from a childcare setting to school environments.

Early school success or failure can affect a child’s well-being, self-esteem, and motivation. Because early learning experiences influence the manner in which a child relates to others during the course of his or her life, it is important to try to ensure that children begins school when he or she is developmentally ready to participate in classroom activities with the greatest likelihood of success.

“We successfully prepare your child for school”

  • Parkside supports ‘School Ready’ development with nutritious meals to aid brain development.
  • Parkside provides a purposeful music program (the universal language) to develop young brains and give them a head-start at primary school.
  • The Parkside School Ready program has been developed with involvement from local primary schools.
  • Parkside provides a courtesy bus service to and from the centre, giving your child accessibility to the ‘School Ready’ program as needed.
  • Parkside offers second language for advanced brain development that can increase cognitive ability and problems solving skills.

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