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Parkside Early Learning Centre is family owned and that runs Kindergarten, Gympie’s only Bush Kindy, Yoga, Second Languages, Sport & Music, provides all Meals and Nappies, surrounded by beautiful Parklands, plus more.

  • We are a professional family owned and operated child care centre centre. We really care. Owners Carolin and Andrew Riley are both early childhood educators and run the centre hands-on.
  • The only Centre in Gympie to run Bush Kindy in the parklands surrounding the Centre
  • Weeky Yoga sessions run by a professional qualified yoga instructor
  • We offer second languages learning. Research shows that if children are exposed to multiple languages at a young age can help brain development
  • We run a purposeful music and movement program in the centre
  • Sport program run by one of our resident coach and owner Mr Andrew
  • We provide all meals that are nutritious and healthy at no extra cost
  • The centre is uniquely surrounded by beautify parkland that are used by all ages every week
  • We run a free courtesy bus that is offered to those families with limited transport options

We invite you to learn more about Parkside by calling or booking a tour today! Come and see what makes our approach to early-childhood education stand out above the rest.

Phone: 07 5482 7738

Email: info@parksideelc.com.au

Address: 9 Tozer Park Road, Gympie, 4570, QLD

Facebook: Facebook.com/parksideelc

Opening Hours: 6:00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday


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About Us

Welcome to Parkside Early Learning Centre. Parkside ELC is an independent, family-owned child-care experience unlike any other.

We successfully develop, equip and prepare children for life.

We are a new Early Learning Centre established in 2015 although the facility has been around for a number of years.

The program is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of the children through a self-guided curriculum. We believe that all children are capable, independent, and curious thinkers. Creating authentic experiences, meaningful relationships and stimulating environments is our secret to capturing your child’s heart and mind everyday. We consider your children to be a part of our Parkside family, and we are honoured that you would entrust your child in our care. Our promise to you is that we will strive each day to create an environment that each child will thrive in all areas of their development.

We invite you to learn more about Parkside by calling for a tour today! Come and see what makes our approach to early-childhood education stand out above the rest.

Learn more about our unique benefits, or contact us by phone 07 54827738 or email at info@parksideelc.com.au

“What a relief to have such a caring, friendly and professional childcare centre like Parkside Early Learning Centre available to us!

I am a full time working mum with 2 children who attend the after school and vacation care programs at Parkside. The staff are not only friendly and caring, they are also all professional and highly motivated to provide the highest care and learning environment for my children.

My children LOVE being there – it is only ever a struggle to get my children to leave when I come and pick them up!! I am constantly being told by my kids “why are you picking us up so early mum…can’t we stay just a bit longer”

The obvious other major draw cards are the courtesy bus, the nutritious meals provided (where they have managed to get my son to eat amazing food he won’t eat for me!!), the convenience of the centre with the beautiful park side surrounds which the Centre takes full advantage of and the amazing improvements and upgrades the new owners have made.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Andrew, Carolin and all of the staff at Parkside – without you guys in our life we would really struggle!!”

Toni, mother of Saylor (8) and Corbin (6)

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

  • The only Early Learning Centre that runs Bush Kindy in the parklands surrounding our beautiful location
  • We are a professional family owned and operated centre. We really care.
  • The owners Carolin and Andrew Riley who are both Early Childhood Educators run the centre hands-on
  • A professional Yoga instructor runs weekly Yoga lessons to help the children build concentration, develop their confidence, learn how to manage their emotions, and create healthy habits for life
  • Nutritious meals are included at no extra cost to feed developing brains and give much needed energy
  • We offer second language learning. Research shows that if children are exposed to multiple languages at a young age this can help brain development
  • We run a purposeful music program by owner Miss Carolin
  • Sport program run by one of our resident coach and owner Mr Andrew
  • We are located on a residential street with easy access to nature, where we get to enjoy beautiful parklands next door regularly and spend time observing the sights and sounds of nature up close!
  • Limited transitions between classrooms. Children will spend a minimum of one year in an environment.
  • We take children from 6 weeks old and provide all nappies and wipes
  • Offer different sessions to benefit the needs of each family and to get the most out of their child care subsidies
  • We run a free courtesy bus that is offered to those families that would not otherwise be able to attend child care because of limited transport options

Child Care to Compare

Bush/Forest KindyYesNo
Provide Nutritious MealsYesNo
Professionally Led Kids YogaYesNo
Purposeful Music ProgramYesNo
Family Owned and RunYesNo
Learning 2nd LanguageYesNo
Sport ProgramYesNo
Surrounded by Beautiful ParklandsYesNo
Provide Nappies & WipesYesNo
Large Natural Open SpacesYesNo
Courtesy BusYesYes
Qualified and Trained EducatorsYesYes
Queensland Approved Kindergarten ProgramYesYes
Outside School Hours CareYesYes
Open 6.00am - 6.00pmYesYes
Compare the services that Parkside ELC offers in comparison to other Child Care services. You can see all the additional value we can add to your children's learning.

Call us today to book a visit to see the difference for yourself. 07 5482 7738

Hear from Parkside Mum Bridget

“There are numerous things to love about Parkside. First I love that meals are provided by the Centre, when getting 4 children ready for the day having to not worry about even one child’s lunch is very helpful. Secondly the staff is wonderful. They are very friendly and helpful, always balancing different learning abilities and personalities of the children. Thirdly, the time that is put in from the staff, from getting to know the children to working bees and additional training. I could go on with more but I think people should find out how wonderful the centre is themselves.”

Bridgette, mother of Talloulah (3) and Cheyenne (6)

All Services

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Kindergarten & Pre-Prep

Pre-prep & Kindergarten is for children the year before they start school.

Parkside Kindergarten is a registered Kindergarten with the Queensland Government approved to deliver the state based Kindergarten program.

The focus areas of Parkside Kindergarten program are:

  • develop a love of learning
  • make friends
  • develop skills useful for life
  • preparing the children for school

The Kindergarten program runs 5 days a week. This program is supported by our Bachelor qualified Kindy teacher and is the best start you can give your child entering the Prep year at school.

Parkside Kindergarten is also the only program in Gympie to run Bush Kindy in the beautiful parklands next door.

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Senior Kindy

The Senior Kindy covers the ages 3-4 years. 

In this age group children would have gained a high level of independence and have a strong input into what goes on around them. We aim to get them more involved in their daily planned activities and focus on their strengths and interests to provide stimulating activities and experiences for them.

During the Senior Kindy year we focus on positive social and emotional skills,  literacy and numeracy skills and work on preparing them for a successful transition to the government approved Kindergarten program that is run at Parkside.

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Junior Kindy

Junior Kindy is for ages 2-3 years.  The children will have a greater sense of independence, their language skills will develop hugely and this helps them to build friendships and communicate their needs better with the people around them. This age group is very busy.  We will support them by providing activities that feed their natural curiosity and help them experiment. We focus on gross- and fine-motor skill development by setting up obstacle courses or doing music and movement sessions. Art and craft activities will stimulate their creative side and educators are constantly walking alongside children to support their social and emotional development in a positive way.

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Our toddler room covers the age of 15 months to 24 months.

This is a busy little room! Toddlers are true explorers and are into everything!

During the Toddler stage children continue to mainly learn and explore with their senses.

Our educators program for this by offering lots of messy play, art activities, singing and dancing, cooking, outdoor exploration and physical play. At this age we focus on teaching basic social skills like using gentle hands with others, using manners and practise first sharing and turn taking.

Educators also challenge our Toddlers’ language development by reading to them daily and encourage the use of new words.

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Our Nursery is for ages 6 weeks to 15 months.

Those first few months of a child’s live are precious!

The base for this at Parkside are nurturing relationships between the baby and the educator.

Babies use all five senses to begin exploring the world around them. Our educators provide a safe environment with lots of sensory input through music and singing, gentle touch, challenge back strength through tummy time and support when learning to roll, crawl, stand and walk.

It is vital that educators also build strong relationships with the babies parents or carers to provide a fluid care environment between the home and the service. Parkside provides all baby food, nappies and wipes too.

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School Aged Care

School aged care covers the ages 5 – 12 years and offers before school care, after school care and vacation care. During school term time children will be dropped off to school or picked up from school by our courtesy bus service.

Children can enjoy a relaxing and fun time at the centre with their peers. They are offered age appropriate activities and toys and are encouraged to complete their homework tasks. During the school holidays we offer special event days like cooking days, craft days or sport and game days as well as excursions to places like Gympie Ten Pin Bowling, Gympie Jungle Gym or the library.

Contact Us

Phone: 07 5482 7738

Email: info@parksideelc.com.au

Address: 9 Tozer Park Road, Gympie, 4570, QLD

Facebook: Facebook.com/parksideelc

Opening Hours: 6:00am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday


Parkside Early Learning Centre services the following areas:

Child Care for Gympie

Child Care for Victory Heights

Child Care for East Deep Creek

Child Care for Southside

Child Care for Monkland

Child Care for Chatsworth

Child Care for Tamaree

Child Care for Fishermans Pocket

Child Care for Araluen

Child Care for Banks Pocket

Child Care for Jones Hill

Child Care for 2 Mile

Child Care for Curra

Child Care for Nahrunda

Child Care for Widgee Crossing South


🎼 Singing with your child builds skills in matching tone, keeping a steady rhythm, varying speed and volume, and expressing emotion through voice.

🎼 Music enhances brain development in areas tied to pattern recognition, counting, organisation and time.

🎼 Children who have taken music classes also score higher in maths classes
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